Continuous research and development is a major topic for a company's sustainable operation. For all the different products and services, Grape King Bio is committed to innovative research and development, continuing to invest resources and efforts on these areas. The research, development and application of the Grape King Biotechnology Institute, Bioengineering Center, and the Innovation R&D Center, through cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions, have developed various products and raw materials. This has attracted other cooperations with various organizations that have resulted in a variety of patents. These outstanding achievements bring unparalleled glory to Grape King Bio.

The Grape King Biotech Research Institute

The Bioengineering Center was established in 1991 and upgraded to The Grape King Biotech Research Institute in 2019. It has the functions of both R&D and production of raw materials. In terms of research and development, it mainly focuses on the development and application of the company’s own raw materials (key components), and actively cooperates with domestic academia and research institutions to conduct product development, function verification, and process improvement to establish our core technologies.Constructed with NT$ 1.6 billion, The Grape King Biotech Research Institute was completed in 2019. Grape King Bio now has a total of 6 one-ton, 1 two-ton, 1 three-ton, 5 five-ton, 1 ten-ton, 2 fifteen-ton, 4 twenty-ton, 4 forty-ton, and 1 fifty-ton fermenter, plus the hundred-liter mini-fermenters, for a total of 80 fermenters with a total capacity to 386 tons, the largest in Taiwan for health food. We have also introduced an automated freeze-drying process to reduce contamination rate and maintain stable quality. Downstream processes include film concentration, freeze-drying machines, centrifuges, low-temperature fluid bed dryers, and pressure filters, which can be used as raw materials for various health food products for Grape King Bio, Pro-Partner Group, the Shanghai Branch, and OEMs.


Key Material Development and Patent

The development of new health and beauty product materials is a major focus of the Grape King’s R&D team, with the following materials developed:

  • Cordyceps sobolifera mycelium→ Protects kidney function and prevents dry eyes.

  • Hericium erinaceus mycelium→ Rich in Erinacine A, can induce nerve growth factor in glial neuroglia.

  • Lignosus rhinoceros→ Anti-asthmatic

  • Clitocybe nuda mycelium→ Creates the antioxidant, Ergothionione


The Bioengineering Center also accepts commissions for OEMs, including:

  • Fungal materials (such as Ganoderma lucidum, Agaricus blazei, Ganoderma camphorata, Cordyceps sinensis, and Trametes versicolor.)

  • Probiotics (such as cocci, bacilli, bifidobacteria, yeasts, and typhimurium.)

  • Other edible microorganisms or their enzymes and metabolites

Customized Formula Design and OEM Services

In addition to our own product development, we provide complete ODM/OEM services to meet customers' needs with our product and formulation design, including the development of custom formulas with innovative concepts, supplemented by a variety of dosage form designs to provide customers with custom novelty products. In recent years, we have been actively developing export opportunities in addition to associated domestic channels. Examples include ODM/OEM services for product dosage forms and packaging types, including glass bottles, PKL Combibloc/aluminum foil drinks, aluminum foil bags (snowflake tablets, powder, granules), capsules (powder, granulation), and retorts (liquid, jelly drinks).

Integrated Platform

Grape King Bio has established the One-stop service ODM platform to provide an integrated service from upstream import of proprietary raw materials to cross-category production lines and back-end packaging of finished products related to health food suppliments, beauty drinks, functional beverages, and PKL foil packaged beverages.

Professional Consulting Services

Our R&D team provides professional consultations on raw materials and products according to customers' market planning needs and gives after-sales consultation services to customers at any time. Examples include health and nutrition consultation for launched products and consultation services with customers for documents related to health food products.