Grape King



The Story of Grape King

The story for Grape King began in 1969, at a time when Taiwan’s economy was starting to take-off. The construction and development industry required a large labor force with the manpower that had strength and could eliminate fatigue. Shui-Zhao Tseng(曾水照), the founder and President of Grape King, paid close attention to this demand and launched Taiwan's first energy drink "ComeBest”(康貝特), functional energy beverage. Pervious employees often spoke of how during peak periods there were always trucks waiting on standby in the front of the factory ready to transport finished products from production lines start to distributors and stores around Taiwan. "ComeBest " became a classic word which everyone knew and associated Grape King. In addition to the ComeBest, Grape King was also well known for their generic pharmaceutical drugs. Following the huge success of ComeBest, "Qi Mengzi” drink was launched and ended up being another popular drink. The ad line “As long as I like, what cannot” and its sweet and sour tastes brought unforgettable memories for consumers.

The original package of ComeBest

The original package of ComeBest

ComeBest activities

ComeBest activities attracted a lot of blue-collar workers.

Original Zhongli factory

An early photograph showing our original Zhongli factory which was designed and built in the shape of the Chinese character Wang”王”. Wang means “King” and is part of our product brand name.

Cross over to the Health Food market

In the early 1990’s the ComeBest product beginning to mature and the pharmaceutical industry was becoming very competitive. A new trend was emerging as the issue of "aging" starting to be taken more seriously. In 1991 the decision was taken to branch out into the health food market, and so the Grape King Bio Centre was established. The Centre’s first objective was to research various traditional Chinese mushroom and develop high-purity mycelial extraction technology using fermentation production. Due to the Grape King’s early start with fermentation technology, they quickly became one of the leaders of the Taiwan health food industry. With this leading edge, Grape King was able to manufacture affordable products for the health food market and so Ganoderma King, Antrodia King, Probiotic King and other products were launched. Ganoderma King was able to use the slogan of "One capsule is NT$10 dollars" to break the public impression that health food is not always expensive.


An early advertisement showing the Ganoderma King product with its slogan “A capsule for less than NT$10 dollars”.

Company Logo

Company Logo (left is the original logo, right is the new logo)

Impression: Re-branding and Organizational Restructuring

Now that Grape King is more than 50 years old, the brand wanted to connect with the younger Taiwanese population with the core concept of "Health experts take care of the whole family". From 2010, Chairman Sheng-Lin Tseng (曾盛麟) has taken the company through organizational restructuring and brand re-branding, so now we begin to feel that Grape King is a younger, more vibrant company. From the inside out, the company began to implement new internal business of online operations, recruitment, quality certification and organizational restructuring. A new company logo and updated core values, "Technology, Health and Hope" were also introduced as part of the brand and company image transformation.The traditional Logo was seen as being old, too serious and even had the look of sad eyes. The new logo brought in the “Smile” element together with bright orange, green and blue, which represent the core values of Grape King "Technology, Health and Hope". The colors of our new logo became clearer and looked more dynamic and attractive.

In the transformation of Grape King, we combined traditional media with digital media and introduced of new products using interesting activities and stories to tell the efficacy of each product. Humor and younger actors were used to promote traditional products such as Ganoderma, enabling Grape King to tap into a young target audience. Popular and classic story lines, such as “Special agent saves the girl, and saves the day” James Bond themed adverts were used to launch Grape King’s newest energy drink, PowerBOMB.

Grape King uses its own unique humor to convey messages about their products, targeting a younger consumer. This has helped not only attract a younger TA but also created a lot of discussion online about the products. No longer does Grape King just tell the effect of a product but also use new marketing methods to promote the company and products. The original idea of Grape King still remains, which is promote our concept of "Health experts that can take care of the whole family," and adds creativity to create a brand-new image.

The PowerBOMB advertisement attracted a lot of public interest and discussion.

Grape King has used trivia and humor to promote immune boosting effectiveness of Ganoderma King.