Grape King



Vision & Mission Statement

Since it was established back in 1969, Grape King Bio has strived to be one of the top health food manufacturers in the Biotechnology Industry. We have established our foothold in Taiwan with leading-edge raw material and product innovations and continue to be one of the leaders in the health food industry. Being a PIC/S GMP, ISO22000, HACCP, NSF GMP, TQF, HALAL, FSSC 22000 and ISO/IEC TAF 17025 certified laboratory, we are able to guarantee the highest standards in product safety, quality and manufacturing.

“Technology, Health, and Hope” are the core values of Grape King Bio, which we use as part of our vision and mission.

Biotechnology is a key trend in the 21st century and is also a the direction for us to deliver long-term and sustainable growth.Together with our visionary and dedicated staff at Grape King Bio, we aim to take Biotechnology to the next level. Using the latest technology available we develop products to help consumers have healthier lives, ultimately giving hope for prosperous futures.

Grape King’s Smile Curve

Grape King Bio’s founder Mr. Shui-Chao Tseng, realized early that the Biotech Industry was going to be a challenging sector to compete in. He recognized that Grape King Bio had to be able to continually develop new products in order to thrive in a stable and innovative dual-track. Step by step, efforts to deliver top-tier financial performance while creating a sustainable Grape King Bio. The developing philosophy and footprint of Grape King happened to coincide with the smile curve theory proposed in 1992 by the then serving Chairman of Acer. Stan Shih.

The “Smile curve” theory is divided into three sections: the left side, middle and right side.

The left side represents the upper stream’s R & D and technology

Grape King Bio’s is committed to the development of health food and raw materials. In order to seize competitive initiative, Grape King Bio established its Bioengineering Center in 1991,  and is now recognized as being one of the key industry leaders for nearly 30 years.

The middle area represents the mid stream’s assembly and manufacturing

Grape King Bio first started to manufacture pharmaceutical products and then branched out into health food supplements. Our factory is GMP, cGMP , ISO 22000, HACCP, NSF GMP, TQF, HALAL, FSSC 22000, ISO/IEC TAF 17025 certified laboratory and has passed PIC/S GMP evaluation. We have accumulated cooperative knowledge and excellent reputation with both government and academia in production, quality control, logistics management, and all aspects of manufacturing.

The right side represents the down stream’s logistics, marketing and brand

Even after being in the Taiwanese health food market for over 50 years, the unshakeable brand “Grape King” is still our greatest asset. Using cutting-edge biotechnology to create a healthier and hopeful life for people, Grape King Bio has long been working towards the needs and requirements of consumers. In order to break through the difficulties encountered in the health food industry, Grape King Bio established its hugely successful Multi-Level Marketing subsidiary, Pro-Partner. Since its establishment, Pro-Partner has enjoyed a prosperous year on year growth in turnover. In 2019,Pro-Partner was ranked number 49 on the global list of direct selling companies and was also recognized as the largest Taiwanese owned MLM company for the tenth successive year.

Future development plans

Grape King Bio

Feedback on the left side of the curve

A good business should move from right to the left, listening to the voice of the market and customer feedback. In turn, the research and development department will be able to create higher value-added products and achieve a sustainable operation and development.

Curve integration

At Grape King Bio, everyone works closely together to ensure that a common goal of achieving the complete smile curve is accomplished. Linked together from the left side of R & D and technology, to the middle area, assembly and manufacturing, the right side of the logistics, marketing and brand, our smile curve becomes visible. With this smile curve and using advanced biotechnology, Grape King Bio can become a guardian for people’s health.

Development of the right side of the curve

Grape King Bio in recent years has been actively involved in rebranding. In 2012 we revealed our new logo. Moreover, Grape King Bio has consolidated consumer groups to strengthen customer relationships. In addition, we have worked hard to raise the health awareness of younger generations and promote long-term wellbeing.