Grape King



Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart
Department Name Main Duties
Board Of Directors Responsible for the Board of Directors related business.
GM Office Responsible for the planning and implement department strategies and other related matters.
Health and Safety Dept. Responsible for the development, implementation and supervision of labor health and safety and other related matters.
Environmental Protection Dept. Responsible for the development, implementation and supervision of environmental health and other related matters.
Quality Assurance Dept. The implementation of quality system-related operations, supervision, assessment, validation, verification, identification and other regulatory measures to continuously improve product quality.
Human Resource Dept. Responsible for the development of human resources policies, employee training, employee development and retention plans.
Investor Relations Dept. Responsible for corporate relationship management and investor relations.
Audit Dept. The implementation of the company's internal control system audit and provide suggestions for improvement of SOPs.
Legal Dept. Responsible for the management of company's legal issues and matters.
Research & Development Division Responsible for the research and development new products and improvement of existing products. Research and development of raw materials and testing of cultivated material.
Manufacturing Division Responsible for product manufacturing, processing and packaging, and other related business.
SCM Division Responsible for the integration and implementation of demand planning, supply planning, procurement, raw material storage, logistics and other related operations.
Sales & Marketing Division Responsible for domestic and foreign branded product sales, domestic and foreign OEM business. The implementation of the company's product sales to expand market share with integrated marketing strategy to develop brand value and innovation.
Finance Division Management, planning of company's financial and accounting related business.
Administration Division The implementation of the company equipment, information, factory maintenance related business.
Compensation Committee Establish and regularly review performance evaluation and salary remuneration policy, standard and structure of directors, supervisors and managers.
Employee Welfare Committee Responsible for assisting employee labor safety and health related policies and regulations.
Personal Data Committee Responsible for the management of corporate data maintenance, control of personal data protection, management and other related business.
Labor Committee Responsible for the management and communication related matters for employees of the company.
Project Monitoring Committee Supervision and planning of company plant, machinery, equipment, maintenance related matters.
Food Safety Team Develop and revise health management practices to ensure the effective implementation of food safety.
Review and supervise the activities of the factory, reduce product risk from supply chain.
Quality Monitoring Committee The implementation of food safety operations control and maintenance to reduce risk from the supply chain.
Human Resource Evaluation Committee Implement and improve the human resources development policy, and all matters related of personnel disputes.
Corporate Social Responsibility Committee Responsible for corporate social responsibility policy, and implementation of social welfare projects.
Good Manufacturing Practice Committee Ensure that the product health and safety of the manufacturing, from raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, transportation and other operations are in line with government-driven GMP / GDP and food safety management systems.
Implementation of the quality of health management system for factory planning, review, supervision and audit of factory matters.