Grape King


Innovation R&D Center

Professional R&D Team

Professionals from across multiple departments such as Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Product Management, Raw Material Development, and Research and Development are part of Grape King’s organized and effective team. Team members include multiple PhD Degree holders in food sciences as well as Nutritionists and Food Technologists, maximizing Grape King’s raw material and product innovations.

Pioneering R&D Technologies

Grape King’s Bioengineering Center is equipped with industry leading fungal fermentation technology and is the largest capacity (285 tons) in the Taiwan. Grape King is a decade ahead of its competitors and is armed with dozens of patented processes and technologies, unique materials, raw material supplies, and R&D capacities to generate unique formulations. This wealth of experience allows Grape King to manufacture consumer favorites such as Ganoderma King, Antrodia King, and Probiotic King. In recent years has used their expertise to R&D new products such as; Ginseng-Clam Plus B, Snow Brightening Essential Drink, and Tian Qi Maca Essential Drink that proved immensely popular among consumers as well.

Over the past few years Grape King also received numerous accolades for its products. A total of 10 products, including the Grape King Ganoderma King, Antrodia King, Grape King LGG Probiotics, Proteck Stomaker capsule , Probiotics & Prebiotics, Jianchang Oligo Live Probiotic Capsule, Grape King Blood Sugar Reducing Capsule, Ling Zhi Antiallergy Mycelium Capsule, and Grape King Gold Combest Energy Drink, have become proud recipients of the Taiwan FDA approval. In 2016, Ganoderma King and Probiotics Series of Grape King also received over 5,000 votes from fellow netizens on YAHOO! “Health Brand Popularity Award of High Distinction and Excellence”.

Pioneering R&D Technologies

Monitoring the Latest Market Trends

Grape King has developed unique dosage forms and is a manufacturer of multiple unique raw materials. We are constantly monitoring the latest trends of health food markets in Europe, the US, and Asia. The dosage forms we offer include: raw materials for health food products, capsules / soft capsules, aluminum foil packaging, bead / powder granulation, liquid dosage form in glass bottles and PKL aseptic packaging. Our latest products and formulation designs are based upon customer requirements, and have won the confidence of many clients from the US, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries. One of our products is also the first officially approved commercialized Probiotics product in Thailand.

Strict Controls and Compliance to National and International Quality Standards

Grape King Bio is compliant to the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and HACCP food safety control system. Strict standards are enforced to ensure the quality of production processes and work environments. Our laboratory is certified to TAF and International Standard of ISO 17025 to monitor product quality. We use multiple strict quality control standards and check points to ensure manufacturing stability as well as the quality, hygiene, and safety of the products to safeguard the health of our users.