Grape King



Grape King Bio’s Innovative Fermentation Patent Wins 5 Awards at the "2019 Seoul International Invention Fair"

More than 600 entries from 26 countries competed at this year’s “Seoul International Invention Fair.” Grape King Bio’s innovative fermentation patent " Uses of treating, preventing or improving bone diseases by lactobacillus bacteria, pharmaceutical composition and edible composition thereof ", “An active substance for preventing hearing loss, a method for preparing thereof, a pharmaceutical composition comprising the active substance and a method for preparing thereof” and “Use of Cordyceps Cicadae mycelium suppresses allergywere awarded the 1 Gold, 1 Silver , 1 Bronze and 2 Special Awards. Grape King Bio is known as one of the pioneers of Microbiology liquid fermentation skills, therefore continuing to focus on excellent biotech innovations for which we are pleased to be credited for by International experts.