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Social Co-Prosperity


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One of Grape King Bio’s commitments to society is to provide underprivileged communities and individuals with financial and educational aid and contributions. Grape King Bio uses their proprietary advanced technologies in the biological sciences to research and develop innovative products that benefit the all health food supplement consumers. We hope that our efforts in organizing and participating in various charity events and activities will encourage fellow colleagues and the general public to do the same so that more people are aware of social issues and public charity and do their fair share in achieving social co-prosperity.

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Social co-prosperity

Industry-Academy Cooperation

Cultivate New Talent

Grape King Bio provides in-house courses for universities and colleges in addition to internship opportunities during summer/winter vacation and semesters. During the past three years, a total of 239 individuals have attended our internship programs at our factories. These programs not only enhance the intangible assets of the company but also pass relevant experience to young students and help them keep up with the industry trends. Up to now, ten interns have become our staff after graduation.

Academic Exchanges in the Biotech Industry

Grape King Bio has been actively promoting the cooperation between academia and the industry. We hope to link our product development with the research expertise of nationwide faculty members, boost the company's R&D energy, verify the efficacy of products, and accelerate industrial upgrading and the industrialization and marketization of R&D achievements by colleges and universities.

Industry-Academy Cooperation

Supporting the Academia

Emergency Funding

Since 2007, Grape King Bio has been helping local school children by providing a fixed annual donation of emergency aid to elementary and junior high school children (including Pingzheng Junior High School, Longxing Junior High School, and Longgang Elementary School). We also work with schools to visit underprivileged families at the end of every year to carry out a “wish list” program that allows underprivileged children from poor families to fulfill their wishes. Grape King Bio is committed to providing access to educational resources for underprivileged school children so that their academic performances are not affected by external factors, and their contributions can play a part in helping children in need.

Welfare Classroom

Grape King Bio encourages fellow employees to perform charitable services, and organizes fellow colleagues to make use of business hours to perform acts of charity. Volunteer services provided to the children of Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation created an opportunity for mutual learning for both children and volunteers. Since 2013 Grape King Bio has arranged a regular Welfare Classroom event with activities that include: rainbow cake baking, wood panel gardens, and nostalgia tours, and Mother's Day charity sales of handmade pastries and cookies. The Welfare Classroom is now a regular part of our volunteer service program, providing continuous benefits and services to the children.

Promoting Volunteering

Grape Volunteer Team

To promote social volunteering, Grape King Bio founded the Grape Volunteer Team in 2013 to mobilize fellow colleagues who believe in volunteering and participating in relevant activities and events. To encourage more employees to be part of the volunteer program, we contributed business hours to charity activities and provided flexible compensatory leave hours for fellow colleagues who are willing to participate in volunteer work during non-working hours.


Since its establishment, Grape Volunteer Team have participated in a wide variety of charity activities such as: elderly-friendly services, care for senior citizens living alone, charity road runs, companionship services at nurseries, and so on. More and more of our employees are dedicating their time to charity activities and events which has only been made possible with the passionate participation of our fellow colleagues. In addition this has demonstrated human resources and contributions that Grape King Bio has provided to social charity. We hope to encourage more colleagues to contribute and build a better future for society..