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Grape King Bio aims to establish a partnership with its suppliers to jointly build a stable and sustainable value supply chain. Suppliers are therefore regarded as key partners for business growth and development, and their hard work and support are indispensable for building our corporate sustainability and competitiveness. Grape King Bio understands that participation by the entire supply chain is necessary to drive corporate social responsibility. In addition to quality and date of delivery, we have to devote additional effort to product safety and hygiene to secure customer confidence as well as satisfaction. We do whatever it takes to serve as responsible gatekeepers for the health of our consumers by employing total participation, source management, continuous improvement, and stringent food safety inspections to fulfill our commitment to public food safety.

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Food Safety Certification

Food Safety Certification

Grape King Bio has always regarded food safety as a top priority. We have acquired multiple international and national certifications that include ISO 22000, HACCP, PIC/S GMP, TAF accredited ISO 17025, and Halal for raw ingredients. For every product we manufacture, every step from raw material acquisition, processing, production and packaging is subject to stringent management and controls. Recent food safety issues showed that most problematic products have issues of contamination at the step of raw material acquisition, highlighting difficulties in controlling and managing external raw material suppliers. At Grape King Bio, we are proud of our supply chain as key raw materials are produced at our very own internal Bioengineering and R&D center, achieving near-elimination of corporate dishonesty with questionable raw material suppliers while ensuring stringent quality assurance for our products. For general raw materials, we have established a supplier assessment procedure which includes preliminary qualification review, sample assessment, site audits, and annual supply quality and traceability review. A supplier must pass every step of the assessment process to become a qualified supplier and a valued partner of Grape King Bio. Grape King Bio also implements a second source system to ensure a steady supply of goods in the event of unsteady supply.


We place great importance on developing a sustainable supply chain. Since June 2011 and November 2012, respectively ComeBest 200P and ComeBest (160 mL) have new environment-friendly lightweight glass bottles. Universal cardboard boxes, standardized product specifications, and other sustainable packaging strategies have been employed as part of effective measures to safeguard our environment.