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Green Environment

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Environmental Policy

Green management is an international trend focusing on sustainable development. The impact of climate change on the global economy, society, and environment are becoming increasingly serious, so to demonstrate our resolve for green management, environmental protection, and corporate sustainable development, our Pingzhen Jinling Plant passed the ISO 14001 environment management system certification in 2017 and obtained the certificate. We have also established the following environment management policies:

(1) Perform compliance obligations: Abide by related regulations and compliance obligations in environmental, safety, and sanitation tasks.
(2) Reduce hazardous risks: Improve safety in the work environment, prevent illnesses and injuries, and reduce the risks of hazardous incidents.
(3) Implement environmental protection: Actively reduce waste, prevent inherent risks, and optimize energy conservation.
(4) Build a friendly work environment by actively organizing health promotion activities to improve the physical and mental health of employees.
(5) Advance full employee participation: Implement education and training and increase the environmental safety and sanitation awareness of each employee and ensure their participation.
(6) Continuous sustainability improvements: Adopt the PDCA management model to gradually complete improvements regarding risks and opportunities and ensure sustainable development in a friendly environment and safe and healthy operations.

Grape King Bio

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Certification

Obtained ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in 2014 【Read More】

Obtained ISO 50001 Energy Management System in 2019 【Read More】

Energy Usage Status

Grape King Bio's head office (Pingzhen Plant) and Longgang Plant in Zhongli
are included in the statistics in 2018 and the consumption of heavy oil, natural gas, and electricity are as follows.

Energy Usage Status

Water Resource Management Water Resource Management

Water resource management is key to sustainable corporate management. Effective allocation and management will reduce water resource waste and improve upon water usage efficiency as well. Pure water used in the production and manufacturing process must undergo multiple treatment steps to remove foreign materials and hazardous substances in the water. The Quality Control Department performs regular pure water quality test to ensure that the quality fulfills industrial standards as a raw material for health food production. Wastewater generated during the production process is monitored by the environment protection department to ensure proper wastewater treatment so that discharged wastewater is compliant to regulatory requirements.

Waste Management Waste Management

For environment protection and garbage reduction, Grape King Bio implements sorting of everyday wastes to divide them into 3 major categories: general wastes, recyclable wastes, and hazardous wastes. All wastes are processed, according to a regular schedule or volume, by legally commissioned cleaning and handling firms. Valuable wastes such as scrapped computers and metals are handled by specialized recycling firms to improve resource reusability.

Green Product Green Product

Grape King Bio places great importance on building a sustainable supply chain. Food products tend to use a large amount of packaging materials so by purchasing lightweight, small, recyclable and reusable packing materials, we could reduce our use of packaging, achieve energy saving and carbon reduction. Most importantly a lower final environmental impact of used and discarded products is achieved. At Grape King Bio, we are always hard at work to reduce packaging size and volume and come up with green designs to reduce hazardous impacts to the environment.

Green Product

Sustainable Products and Services

In 2019, Grape King launched a recyclable plastic container program for part of our product line. Capsule bottle containers, returned to Grape King by our customers, are processed and decomposed into plastic pellets by local recycling plants. These pellets are then used by certified contractors and recycled into various products. These contractors supply Grape King with tracking information to ensure that the plastic pellets are properly reused. We are planning to incorporate the recycling program into more of our product lines, as we continue to work towards minimizing our impact on the environment.

Sustainable Products and Services