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Employee Care

Grape King Bio provides a dual-track welfare system (provided by the company and the Welfare Committee) to ensure that salary and welfare offered are superior to the industry standard. To achieve this, we have introduced various management systems.

Employee care

People First

Grape King Bio places great importance on career development of our fellow employees. We encourage participation in various learning opportunities and apply acquired knowledge to their work in the company, forming a positive learning cycle within the organization. Grape King Bio regards training as a cost-effective investment with great returns, not merely just an expense.


Merit-based Employment

Recruitment Channels

Our general recruitment channel includes human resource banks, talent search companies, large scale recruitment events, employment service stations, and other strategies. In addition to these standard channels, we also prioritize 4 channels described in the following:

Merit-based employment
Professional Retention System

The skill and talent of every employee is important to Grape King Bio. We thus established 3 channels to retain quality employees who have positively contributed their job role and the company.

Professional retention at recruitment
Professional retention when job candidate comes on-board
Maintain a suitable hiring and turnover rates

Diverse Communication

Grape King Bio provides internal and external personnel with a channel to reflect their opinions to eliminate illegal, unethical, and other forms of activities that violate government regulations and corporate specifications. Diverse selections of open reporting and appeal channels have been established allowing anyone to submit a report or make an appeal:

  • (1) Reporting and appeal hotline
  • (2) Reporting and appeal mailbox
  • (3) Reporting and appeal e-mail
Diverse communication

Occupational Hazards Statistics in 2020 (Including Lost Time Incident Rate, LTIR)