Grape King

ESG Committee

Organization of the ESG Committee

As the company continues to grow, we not only focus on corporate governance and business performance, but also sustainability as well. To Grape King Bio, ESG is the best means by which we can improve our relationships with the local community, national organizations and stakeholders to reflect our commitment to help uplift social wellbeing. In 2013 we established our multi-departmental ESG Committee ensures that ESG core concepts are fully integrated within our management philosophy and corporate culture. Multiple departments now work together integrating internal management systems to implement ESG-related activities.

The ESG Committee is reports directly to the General Manager’s Office, and is chaired by the GM Office Director. The committee has representatives from 6 major divisions (R&D Division, Manufacturing Division, Supply Chain Management (SCM) Division, Sales & Marketing Division, Finance Division, and Administration Division). The ESG committee holds regular meetings to plan and implement activities, sponsorship evaluations, reports on performance and improvements for ESG activities, and drafting and revising our ESG Report.

The core ESG value of Grape King Bio is to contribute and build a better future for society. In addition to our leadership role in health foods, we hope to keep contributing to our dreams of building a beautiful future for society.

Sustainable Development Goals and Commitment

Grape King Bio has always been committed to more than just Corporate Governance and operational performance. We have continuously moved towards our goals of creating a sustainable environment and social welfare. We adhere to our commitment to Stakeholders and aim to use systematic mechanisms to strengthen the management of Corporate Social Responsibilities.
Grape King Bio upholds a "people-oriented" core corporate culture and has established the Company's sustainable development blueprint under the framework of Grape King Bio’s core values of "Technology, Health, and Hope". Grape King Bio's sustainable development divided into six main categories including "Innovation and R&D," "Ethical Governance," "Product Liability," "Happy Workplace," "Social Prosperity," and "Green Environment". We aim to develop corporate sustainable development strategies based on these six major categories and we will continue to advance Grape King Bio's sustainable development based on this blueprint in the next three years. These strategies are implemented and managed based on their performance for the environment, society, and Corporate Governance to expand the influence of the Company.